A Simple Steak Meal

Few things can be as simple yet fulfilling as a simple meal of bread, steak, and some lettuce. So simple, in fact, that the only thing you have to do is make butter and cook the steak. And pick a decent wine.

To start, take steak (entrecote, ribeye, whatever, as long as it’s good meat) out of the fridge, pat dry, let sit for half an hour to get to room temperature.

In the meantime, make butter: whip some cream into whipped cream, then keep whipping until it turns into something that looks like scrambled eggs. Use a kitchen machine (easiest) or a mixer. Dump everything in a clean towel over a bowl, then squeeze out all the liquid by wringing out the towel. Take the butter lump out of the towel and knead it in ice cold water to squeeze out as much liquid as you can (the liquid is whey and squeezing it out will keep your butter good for up to a couple of weeks). Carefully shape the lump into whatever you want, pat dry, wrap in parchment paper, and put in the fridge.

Mix the ultimate steak rub (this rub, by Steve Albini, is deeply complex and even has built-in umami, as Feargal found out)

Coat steaks liberally in rub. Heat your heaviest skillet up really hot. Carefully put in a little bit of oil and a little knob of butter and put in the steaks. Turn them once, halfway. Don’t move them in the meantime. Time depends on meat thickness and preference - for entrecote I take 1 minute per side (saignant/medium rare). Wrap in tin foil and lay to rest for 5 minutes.

Put rucola, baby lettuce, and just a couple of half cherry tomatoes on plates and pour a little bit of good olive oil on it, then decorate it with some cream of balsamic (better than balsamic vinegar: less acids to disrupt the wine/meat combo). Put the steak next to that. Serve with good bread, fleur de sel, pepper, the butter, and proper wine (reds with tones of chocolate and coffee accompany well).

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