Rijksmuseum Wallpaper

Art on your desktop

The Rijksmuseum recently launched a new site with brilliant, high resolution images of over 130,000 art objects that are made very accessible. My friends at Fabrique and Q42 designed and built the fantastic site to navigate, show and curate it all. Fluidly exploring the imagery in all its glorious detail is an engrossing, even addicting, experience.

To celebrate the occasion, I wrote a tiny Mac app that turns Rijksmuseum artworks into desktop wallpapers on your Mac. It’s small and simple, and should work on any Mac running Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and up.


Download for Mac 10.7 and up: rijksmuseum-wallpaper.zip (35 Kb)
To install, drag the app into your Applications folder.


Tuesday November 6, 2012 / project, featured / front page